Childs Bracelets

Childs Bracelets Do you have a daughter, granddaughter, niece, and/ or little sister that has an upcoming birthday? Toys are fun and an obvious gift choice but unfortunately toys are not timeless and are discarded and forgotten as time goes by and she grows up. Why not get her a charm bracelet, it is sentimental and makes future gift giving a breeze. For children's bracelets that are as fun as they are beautiful it has to be Add-A-Pet charm bracelets. Our hand crafted glass “pet” charms are well, simply charming. Add-A-Pet charms are hand made, meaning each one is unique, just like real pets. Your little girl is sure to be delighted with one or all the the following Add-A-Pet friends: Lucky the ducky, Huggie the bear Shades the panda, Fido the dog, Safire the blue kitten, Slick the penguin, Norm the elephant, Shamrock the green piglet, and Rocky the turtle. Each loveable animal buddy comes with an adorable name tag charm and slip ring “collar” that makes securely attaching charms to the bracelet base easy as can be. Charms are awesome but they are useless without something to attach them to. Add-A-Pet has created a durable, high quality genuine leather braided bracelet base that we like to call a leash. Add-A-Pet “leashes” come in a variety of bracelet sizes and in a necklace form, so you are sure to find one that properly fits your little angel. Does your little girl have a favorite color? We thought so and that's why Add-A-Pet offers “leash” base bracelets in a multitude of whimsical colors including: blue tongue blue, bubblegum pink, lily pad green, dog bone white, purple people eater purple, black shadow black, fire hydrant red, school bus yellow, and mud pie brown. To make taking bracelets off and putting them on easy for little hands, Add-A-Pet use magnetic clasps on all of our children's bracelets. Make sure your child's Add-A-Pet friends have the proper accessories to keep them happy. Add-A-Pet has a variety of cute accessories to double the delight. Perhaps Rocky the turtle would enjoy a strawberry snack or Fido the dog a delicious bone. To extend the lifetime of your Add-A-Pet charm bracelet be sure that your little darling takes really good care of her charm bracelet buddies by storing her Add-A-Pet bracelet in a jewelry box or protected pocket of her favorite back pack when not wearing it. Add-A-Pet charm bracelets are perfect for the sentimental. With each passing birthday, holiday, milestone in school, dance recital, and special occasion a new pal can be added to double the fun and double the memories. When she is finally all grown up she will have a lovely bracelet that is full of fond childhood memories. Childs Bracelets
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