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Designer Bracelets Finding a sentimental yet entertaining gift for a little girl can be quite difficult. Toys can be impersonal and will be grown out of faster than the blink of an eye. Why not try a gift that is fun, personal, and timeless? Almost every girl, regardless of age, loves jewelry but how many have jewelry that is as fun as it is beautiful. Surprise that special little angel in your life with one of the most fun designer bracelets ever made from Add-A-Pet. Add-A-Pet is sure to be the next big craze, with it's handcrafted, adorable glass pet charms. Each glass charm is hand crafted and designed to look like one of many animals that are highly adored by young children including: a turtle, a duckling, a bear, a cat, an elephant, a penguin, a pig, a dog, and even a panda. Each irresistible character comes with a name tag and story that when combined with a young imagination leads to endless fun. Your pet charm easily attaches to a base bracelet “leash” made of genuine fine leather. Leashes come in a wide variety of popular colors so you can find you little one's favorite. The follow whimsical leash colors are available: black shadow black, dog bone white, fire hydrant red, school bus yellow, lily pad green, purple people eater purple, blue tongue blue, mud pie brown, and bubblegum pink. Leashes are also available in multiple sizes to fit little wrists of all sorts. Start your charm bracelet gift by selecting a leash and a pretty little pet whether it be Fido the Dog or Lucky the Ducky. All pets come with a name tag and a slip ring “collar” that helps to attach the charm properly. As all young folks know, pets and playmate friends needs stuff to play with and to eat. Get accessory charms for your little girl's new pet friends to multiply the charm! How about a cute little glass bone for Fido or a tasty truffle for Shamrock the green pig! Hand crafted from glass, each charm is unique just like real pets. And like real pets, Add-A-Pet designer bracelets require the proper tender, loving, care to last. Make sure you little one takes proper care of her new bejeweled friends by storing them in a pocket of a back pack when at after school interactive activities and sports and in a jewelry box when not wearing the bracelet at home. One of the best features of Add-A-Pet Charm bracelets is their magnetic clasp which makes it easy for young ones to put on and remove without the assistance of an adult. Add-A-Pet is the perfect whimsical gift for growing girls because a new charm can be given with each passing holiday, birthday, or special occasion. When she is all grown up she'll have a beautiful charm bracelet that filled with sentimental memories that she is sure to treasure forever.
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