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Handcrafted Jewelry Looking for a unique, whimsical gift for a precious little one in your life that is sure to stimulate her young imagination? Whether it be a daughter, niece, granddaughter, or the daughter of a good friend, Add-A-Pet charm bracelets are sure to inspire a great deal of fun. Add-A-Pet glass charm “pets” are the epitome of child friendly hand crafted jewelry. Finally a gift that is fun, personal, and sentimental. Toys are sure to be out grown and tossed away but a beautiful Add-A-Pet charm bracelet will grow more and more special with each new charm that is added. Add-A-Pet offers a variety of glass animal friends that children are sure to enjoy including: Rocky the turtle, Shades the panda, Lucky the ducky, Safire the blue cat, Fido the dog, Huggie the bear, Norm the elephant, Slick the penguin, and Shamrock the green pig. Each character is attached to a cute little name tag and comes with a slip ring “collar” that makes attaching them to the bracelet a piece of cake. Attach all your child's charms to a “leash” bracelet base made of genuine braided leather. Each “leash” is adhered to a magnetic clasp that makes putting the bracelet on and taking it off a breeze. Does your little angel have a favorite color? Leashes comes in a plethora of colors including: purple people eater purple, bubblegum pink, school bus yellow, blue tongue blue, mud pie brown, black shadow black, lily pad green, fire hydrant red, and dog bone white. And as everyone knows, pets needs stuff to stay happy and healthy. Add food charms to your child's Add-A-Pet charm bracelet to keep their pets content. How about a bone for Fido the dog or cute little strawberry for Rocky the turtle. Yummy! Eyes are sure to feast on these beautiful handcrafted jewelry charms. Just like a pet, Add-A-Pet charms require some love and care to last. Make sure your little girl keeps her Add-A-Pet bracelet in a jewelry box when not wearing at home and stores in a safe back pack pocket when at after school activates such as sports where jewelry would get in the way. You precious angel is sure to love her Add-A-Pet charm bracelet for years to come, adding a new charm on birthdays or special occasions. The more charms the more fun and cherished memories that she is sure to remember forever. Add-A-Pet charm bracelets are the perfect solution for those that want a sentimental gift that keeps on giving. Toys are certain to be outgrown, thrown away, and forgotten but Add-A-Pet charm bracelets truly are a beautiful, whimsical treasure to cherish.
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